To learn from others, exchange experiences and to explore the possibilities for future projects: MedicalMountains supports the interdisciplinary exchange of experiences by offering regular ExpertTables. In working groups, entrepreneurs with researchers and developers can jointly define questions, set priorities, exchange the status quo of current investigations, and elaborate possible solutions. The ExpertTables are usually the cornerstone of new R&D-projects.

Trends at an early stage and the implementation of innovations in a timely manner are decisive for competitiveness. The ExpertTables cover topics that can be pioneering for the development of the industry. The diversity of topics is extremely broad. ExpertTables have so far been on topics such as surface technology, plastics, ambient assisted living, intelligent instruments, smartphones in medical technology, as well as virtual techniques.

Your advantages:

  • Information on new technology trends
  • Solutions for problems
  • Cross-industry networking and interdisciplinary exchange
  • Qualified exchange of experience while preserving business secrets
  • Initiate new development projects to share effort and costs