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TechnologyMountains e.V.

TechnologyMountains e.V. is the umbrella organization, whereby the MedicalMountains GmbH together with the Plastic institute south-west and the Hahn-Schickard-Society for applied research e.V. act as the key building blocks.

Plastic technology + Microtechnology + Medical technology = TechnologyMountains

This is the success formula of the technology network TechnologyMountains e.V. in the south-west of Baden-Württemberg. Specialists and technology leaders from the fields of plastic technology, miniaturization and medical technology have been working together since the founding of the association in 2012 and are all benefiting from each other.

Behind the success formula, the goal is to promote synergies, network competencies and advance innovation in interdisciplinary dialogue – and the recognition that companies in the group are quicker. You gain direct access to the services of all three players through the TechnologyMountains membership and benefit from many other offers. Companies thereby secure their growth, broad market shares and increase their international competitiveness.


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