MedicalMountains has set itself the goal to network small and medium-sized enterprises, to promote their growth and to expand their competitive advantages. We support the development of foreign markets, stimulate cooperation and create the framework to accelerate innovation. MedicalMountains builds on close collaboration with the companies. Validate your ideas – we will tackle your issues.

MedicalMountains five ressorts

1. Innovative Power

Strong partners – high potential = strengthen innovation

MedicalMountains promotes the innovative strength of companies through targeted technology transfer and strategic cooperation. In open events such as the Innovation Forum Medical Technology and ExpertTables, representatives from industry and science interact and establish contact.


2. Political Voice

One industryone voice = represent interests

MedicalMountains represents the concerns of the medical technology industry at regional, national and European level.


3. Professional Training

Close coordinationpractical knowledge = expand expertise

MedicalMountains provides valuable knowledge modules with seminars and certificate courses specially designed for medical technology. Also – events for the medical technology sector – focus on knowledge and networking.


4. Workload Relief

Support for the medical technology industry

MedicalMountains proactively supports all players in the medical technology industry in the implementation of regulatory requirements.


5. International Network

Many bridges – one goal = increase visibility

The many potentials become visible when the MedicalMountains medical technology cluster is represented internationally: The strengths and progressiveness of our partners are in the spotlight.