To learn from others, exchange experiences and to explore the possibilities for future projects: MedicalMountains supports the interdisciplinary exchange of experiences by offering regular ExpertTables. In working groups, entrepreneurs with researchers and developers can jointly define questions, set priorities, exchange the status quo of current investigations, and elaborate possible solutions. The ExpertTables are usually the cornerstone of new R&D-projects.Trends at an early stage and the implementation of innovations in a timely manner are decisive for competitiveness. The ExpertTables cover topics that can be pioneering for the development of the industry. The diversity of topics is extremely broad. ExpertTables have so far been on topics such as surface technology, plastics, ambient assisted living, intelligent instruments, smartphones in medical technology, as well as virtual techniques.Your advantages:

  • Information on new technology trends
  • Solutions for problems
  • Cross-industry networking and interdisciplinary exchange
  • Qualified exchange of experience while preserving business secrets
  • Initiate new development projects to share effort and costs

Current ExpertTables:

The practical implementaton of the new EU-MDR

MedicalMountains supports the medical technology companies to be proactive at the implementation of the new regulatory requirements. In addition to certificate courses and seminars for the qualification of relevant specialists, the “ExpertTable MDR” will be launched in 2018 as a new qualification service by MedicalMountains. Its TaskForce – a fixed, existing core team – consists of experts from large and medium MedTech companies, who meet on a monthly basis and work on various EU-MDR topics. All the MedTech companies falling under the MDR2017/745 can profit from the whole expert knowledge as a “passive member”. With a fixed annual fee you will get access to the monthly publications and to the opportunity to present questions and comments for the TaskForce.

RFID in medical technology

Introduction of RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) in medical technology industry will open up various possibilities for the future and is suggested to revolutionize both the products and the manufacturing processes. To facilitate and promote the adoption, these innovation possibilities are identified among the members of the workshop by changing experiences, by learning from each other and by developing together a technological reference. The RFID workshop topics  include automated documentation, perspectives of inventory management, intelligent devices and instruments, tracking the products and manufacturing processes, and evaluation of further benefits and application possibilities.

CleanMed – competence network for technical cleanliness and cleanability in medical technology
CleanMed was one of the successfully selected network projects of the nationwide program “Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand” (ZIM), which was funded from April 2015 to April 2018 by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). The declared goal of CleanMed was and is to develop new processes and services that can be used to produce products that are virtually free from manufacturing residues. Furthermore, new products should be developed which have improved cleaning properties both in production and in use by the user. In addition, developments were also aimed at monitoring the durability of clean products in everyday clinical practice. By 31.03.2018, 17 project ideas were born in the network, all of which contribute to this declared goal achievement. Since October 2018, the successful network continues as ExpertTable. Currently the following topics are being worked on:
• Particle quantification
• Alternative blasting methods in the production
• Preparation of implants
The working group is open to new entries.