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Training seminars

Take advantage of our wide range of full-day and half-day seminars and qualify directly on the spot to topics with major importance to the industry. The complete program and the possibility to register can be found online.

As a handy complete overview of the ongoing training year, we recommend to check the following pdf-file (in German):
Übersicht Seminare Weiterbildung in der Medizintechnik 2018

And the following link shows what awaits you next year – the brand new training program 2019:
Übersicht Seminare Weiterbildung in der Medizintechnik 2019

The detailed description of all seminars can be found online or in our training brochures:
Weiterbildungsbroschüre 2017
Weiterbildungsbroschüre 2018
Weiterbildungsbroschüre 2019 (NEW)

Do you wish to include a topic of yours to our program? Contact us! We will try to realize your suggestion.

Participants from Baden-Württemberg

You can save up to 70 % of your participation fee for the selected training program by MedicalMountains. You can find out more about the “expert course” program here.




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