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A strong network – shaping the future

Our organisation MedicalMountains GmbH promotes dialogue, combines strengths and creates platforms for exchange. Cooperation and synergies are made possible through strategic and systematic coordination: Cooperation and mutual benefit with regional, national and international partners provide small and medium-sized enterprises in particular with an important knowledge and technology advantage.

  • We encourage dialogue, join forces and create platforms for sharing information.
  • We make cooperations and synergies possible through strategic and systematic coordination.


MedicalMountains GmbH is an organization for networking and supporting all key players in the medical technology sector.


Medical technology in Germany

  • 1.300 companies with 140.000 employees
  • Additionally, there are 11.300 micro-enterprises (= less than 20 employees) with approx. 60.000 employees.
  • Only 84 companies have more than 250 employees.


Medical technology in Baden-Württemberg

  • 840 companies with 48.817 employees
  • Around half of these companies employ less than
    10 people.
  • Only 32 companies have more than 250 employees.


Medical technology in Tuttlingen

  • Approx. 400 companies with 13.000 employees
  • this means Germany’s largest cluster of medical technology companies is in the region centered in and around the city of Tuttlingen.


The MedicalMountains GmbH represents the concerns of the medical technology industry on a regional, national and European level and advocates meaningful framework conditions. Through position papers and regular dialogue, the voice of each individual partner is given more weight towards politicians, authorities and associations. At the same time, MedicalMountains GmbH supports its network in new challenges by providing important information and developing pragmatic solutions for the players.

  • Position papers
  • European Medical Device Directive
  • ExpertTable “The practical implementation of the EU-MDR”
  • Community implementation projects

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MedicalMountains GmbH promotes the innovative strength of companies through targeted technology transfer and strategic cooperation. In open formats such as the Innovation Forum, representatives from industry and science come into contact.

MedicalMountains GmbH identifies synergy potentials, consolidates them in workshops and ExpertTables and initiates joint projects: Combined know-how gets the partners to their goal faster.

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MedicalMountains GmbH provides valuable knowledge modules with seminars and certificate courses specially designed for medical technology. The contents have been developed in close cooperation with companies and are characterized by a strict practical relevance.

The constant renewal and continuous development of knowledge contribute significantly to mastering today’s challenges and creating tomorrow’s resources.

  • Training seminars
  • Certificate courses
  • Symposiums
  • MedTalks
  • HypeCycles
  • Workshops

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The many potentials become visible when the MedicalMountains medical technology cluster is represented internationally: The strength and progressiveness of the partners are in the foreground.

  • Trade fairs
  • Consultation days
  • Market place

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MedicalMountains GmbH builds bridges on solid columns. The foundation is created by pragmatic support offers in the form of guidelines or checklists, with which hurdles can be overcome, effort reduced and perspectives gained.

  • Publications of the EU-MDR ExpertTable
  • Guidelines
  • Clinical literature evaluations
  • Guidances
  • Consultation days

Support documents for implementation
of regulatory requirements

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